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It’s a new year and Mike Davis, head brewer, took no time off over the Holidays!  He kept on brewing away and we have a couple of new beers for you to try out!  First out of the shoot for the new year is our Orca Mike Red Ale.  It’s our take on an Irish Red with a lower alcohol level but HUGE taste…..think orca size.  Check out the tasting notes on our Beer page and come on down to the Taproom on January 6th for the release of this tasty suds.  Just watch out for the huge orca we have hanging out at the bar!

Mike’s other new beer release is Ring of Fire IPA.  Think back to any geography and science class you had way back when…..  Remember that Ring of Fire?  Well, Mike has taken hops, malts, salts, and other fine ingredients from those areas and combined them to make this world class IPA.  This one’s a seasonal, so come and get some while the gettin’s good! The release is January 13th.

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Hope to see you soon down in the Taproom!


What began last summer as a chance sharing of beers in the Taproom and a desire to honor our armed services and the 2nd Ranger Battalion, has become a unique friendship.  Wanting to recognize their great efforts, Narrows Brewing made our Lead the Way IPA.  This tribute beer was released last summer and celebrated by the fine men and women after which the beer was named.  Not only has the beer been enjoyed, but the bottle has also been crafted into a beer glass by one of the Battalion’s members, Army Ranger Justin Shine.  We’d say that’s a pretty crafty way to drink your craft beer!  Read more at:

LTW cut glass

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