Keg Orders

Whether you’re hosting an event, throwing a party, wedding reception or just a gathering with your buddies, there’s little better than a brewery-fresh draft beer. Narrows Brewing offers kegs big and small of our current beers on tap.

Available Sizes for Kegs to Go:

We offer both 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs. The table below can help you determine the size and number of kegs you may need for any event.

Keg Type Description Gallons 12oz (bottle) servings 16oz (pint) servings cases of 24-12oz bottles
1/2 Barrel standard full size keg 15.5 165 124 6.9
1/6 Barrel 1/3 size keg 5.2 55 41.3 2.3

Our Available Beers and Pricing

Our beers available for keg sales will vary with the beers we currently have on tap. Below is the current pricing excluding Washington State Sales Tax and Keg Rental Fee. Keg orders are subject to no return/no refund.

Narrows Brew 1/6 barrel keg 1/2 barrel keg
Flagship Styles $75/keg $165/keg
Premium Styles $86/keg $195/keg

Keg Deposit Agreement

A $100 deposit is required on all kegs. All of these deposits are to be paid with a check or cash (not credit card) upon pick-up. All equipment must be returned by noon, 14 days from date of pick-up unless otherwise arranged with the brewery.

No fees will be charged for the keg unless they are not returned within the 14 day rental period, after that a fee of $15.00 per day will be assessed for all late equipment. Late fees and/or equipment damage may result in partial or complete loss of deposit and will be assessed at the time of equipment return.

Ordering Process

  1. In order to purchase a keg you must be at least 21 years of age and have legal proof of ID.
  2. You may place your keg order by phone at (253) 327-1400, at least 48 hours before pick up.
  3. If we’re unable to fill your order, we will contact you to discuss.
  4. Kegs may be picked up during the open taproom hours. When you arrive to pick up your keg you will need the following:
    1. To fill out and sign a rental agreement
    2. To provide information necessary to complete the Washington State “Keg Registration Declaration and Receipt” form: including:
      • The current address of the purchaser
      • The location/address where the keg will be served
      • If not immediately consumed, the address where the keg will be temporarily stored
      • A valid driver’s license and credit card to secure the deposit.
  5. Enjoy your beer and have fun responsibly. Please return the kegs to the brewery by the agreed upon date. If you have difficulties in returning the equipment, please call us.

Please be aware of your keg’s weight as you may require a friend to assist you removing it from your vehicle and transporting it to the final destination.


Q: I’m picking up my keg in advance of my event. How should I store my keg?

A: To ensure the freshest quality beer, we encourage you to keep kegs cold at all times. Too much movement and loss of temperature to the keg can result in a lower quality of beer.

Q: How do I tap a keg?

A: We are happy to show you when you pick up your keg. When operating your tap, the main thing to remember is “don’t over-pump.” Pump the tap just a couple of times with the faucet open until you get a nice steady flow, then stop pumping. (Over-pumping introduces air and causes excess foam.

Q: How long will kegged beer keep? Why does it go flat?

A: If dispensing with CO2 and kept cold, a keg will last for three months after the date on your keg collar. If dispensing with an air pump, your beer will generally stay fresh for approximately 12 hours. Tapping your keg with a party pump is like opening a 2 liter bottle of soda, which replaces CO2 with air and causes the beer to go flat. More importantly, the flavor will begin to degrade as soon as the beer is exposed to oxygen.



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