The Brewery


Our brewing process begins on a 15-barrel brewhouse that consists of a mash/lauter tun, a steam-heated boil kettle, and a separate whirlpool tank. The brewhouse is where we combine malted barley with hot water and hops to create a sweet liquid known as wort.

The wort is then moved into a fermentation tank, where a massive population of yeast cells turn the wort into beer. After fermentation, the beer is matured at near-freezing temperatures for clarification.

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Once clarified, we transfer each batch of beer to one of two places: a bright beer tank for kegging and bottling, or a serving tank that connects directly to a tap line.

Our brewery is highly visible from our taproom, and you can often watch our brewers in action – especially if your schedule allows you to enjoy a beer on a weekday afternoon.

Interested in a brewery tour? Upon request, Mike will be on hand to give a tour for groups and walk you through the facility and explain how we craft our tasty beverages.

Mike Mash Tun crop

As you all know, Mike Davis is at the helm and head brewer for Narrows – and we couldn’t be happier!  So how did he make his way to Narrows Brewing?  He was born in Minnesota, moved and received a degree from UCSB in Aquatic Biology, joined the Peace Corps with their Fisheries Division, traveled a few years in the Philippines and Borneo, came back to the States and taught scuba.  He continued his focus on all things aquatic by then moving to St Croix as the Diving Supervisor for a marine laboratory and then became a National Park Ranger where he specialized in studying the reef ecosystem at Buck Island National Monument.  He then moved on to Hawaii where he met his wife Kathy while performing in the play Man of La Mancha.  While there he worked at a salmon farm, owned a coffee/macnut/avocado farm, raised Koi, and designed ponds and filtration systems.  Enter an interest in beer!  Mike began home brewing and discovered microbrews on trips to the mainland.  That proved to be the turning point and he moved to Reno and attended the American Brewers Guild at Davis CA. After apprenticing at various breweries, he landed at Harmon Brewing Co.  After leaving Harmon, he also helped a few other breweries get off the ground.  But, with the advantage of the Puget Sound at our feet, our views, and being right over the water, well, with his back ground, it’s not hard to imagine that he was pulled here to our amazing location and brewery right on and over the waters of the south Puget Sound!  Come taste his style and genius in every pint we pour!


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